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"Anyone worried that Breehn John Burns wasn't going to be able to fit in as well as Ted Naifeh did, shouldn't. His artwork was gorgeous, utilizing shadows to their fullest extent, but not afraid to let loose in the "light" either... Serena Valentino's writing is also fantastic... Valentino pours her heart into each issue and takes time and care, that much is apparent."

–Jennifer M. Contino

"If you haven’t read Gloomcookie, it can best be described as a Goth Slice-of-life Horror series. For real. And it’s good, even if you’re not goth (and believe me, I’m not). It’s one part Tim Burton, one part Terry Moore, and one part something unique that only Valentino could think up, but it somehow works."

–Adam Lipkin

"Breehn [Burns] is actually perfect for this title... His ink lines are well defined and he really captures the emotions of the characters in their expressions. I highly, highly recommend this title."

–S. Hutchison

" is the perfect time for new readers to pick up issues of GloomCookie. It's a comic for spooky and non-spooky people alike."

–Lee Atchison

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Art © Breehn Burns. GloomCookie was created by Serena Valentino & Ted Naifeh. GloomCookie TM & © Serena Valentino.